DPS Marketing Shoot at Montbello Career and Technical High School

So sometimes Denver Public Schools asks me to make photographs for their marketing materials. I love doing this because as a former teacher I have the utmost respect for our teachers and students. Montbello is a unique school in that they specialize in teaching technology and vocational skills. As someone who does not even know how to change a tire, I wish I could have gone to a school like this. My shoot started out in the auto shop where the very enthusiastic teacher and students were covered in grease working under the hood of their own cars that they get to work on. I was happy to see one female student in the group.

The school was pretty small in a peaceful area where geese were roaming. I got to pull some eager photogenic students out of class to take some fun photos outside. Because it is such a small school it seemed like everyone was friends and they were all kind and joking around with each other. I was happy to see that despite being a pretty diverse student population there seemed to be a friendly and positive vibe between the students.

I then got to take some photos in the tech lab where one of the girls was excited to show me the inside workings of a computer. You could tell the kids were excited to learn hands on skills and happy to be with each other.

I ended my shoot in the P.E. room where they did a variety of activities including basketball, boxing and weightlifting/cardio. Along with core math, science and literacy they are learning life skills, many of which most adults (including myself) never got to learn in school and have to YouTube. I was lucky to have the chance to meet and photograph these future computer scientists, auto technicians, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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