Extended Family Session at Chautauqua Park

It was a beautiful evening, overcast and cloudy just before the rain. I met Rachel and her family at the Ranger's Cottage at Chautauqua Park. They were a jovial bunch and amazed to see the stunning rock face that they had not seen before. We hiked down the bottom trail as there were less people and began our session. It was Rachel, her husband, two sons, brother, sister, and her parents. We got a lot of fun group photos including a group hug and some silly poses.

The boys were hamming it up for the camera. You could tell this family has fun together. I don't have kids and I am not an aunt yet but I am so excited for it. My family didn't have professional photos taken beyond the cheesy Christmas portraits at JC Penny's but my dad always had his camera on him and we have family photos plastered all over our fridge. I have very fond memories of my family vacations. I definitely have nostalgia for my childhood and I find so much joy in seeing the little moments of joy and love between family members. I am so grateful I got to get some candid photos of the family just hanging out after we did our formal photos. I first mentioned getting some candids and one of the kids said "is a candid photo like this?" and immediately made the blue steel face.

But we did get some true candids. I especially got a laugh out of the grandpa. He snuck up on one of his grandsons and was making faces at the other. You are never too old to play!

We finished early and this wonderful family continued to walk hand in hand, giggle and play before heading out to dinner. I hope some of my pictures can hang on their walls or their fridges and make them feel nostalgic someday.

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