Blended Family Session at Cheeseman Park, Denver

What a fun lifestyle family session this was at Cheeseman Park in Denver. J. reached out to me on my website saying she had a recently blended family with her, her partner and her son and was excited to photograph this special time in their lives. When I arrived at Cheeseman it was filled with jugglers, other photographers and families including a little baby in a pumpkin! It was clearly the day to take photos at Cheeseman Park! When J. arrived with her partner and son I was pleasantly surprised to see her partner was a woman. I'll admit I had a cultural bias and assumed her partner was a man. But I hope to always have diverse clients and I'm glad they felt I was a safe person to photograph them because getting in front of a camera and stranger can be very vulnerable! I was honored to see these two gorgeous Texas women choose me as their photographer. I could tell that J.'s partner was super in love with her and her son. They played so easily together. However, J.'s partner did feel a bit awkward at first in front of the camera. Let's be honest, posed family photos are a bit awkward! But after I encouraged them to relax and play with each other in the leaves, their relationships with each other really started to show and that awkwardness turned into playfulness. I got to do more of a lifestyle session photographing them playing with each other. Toddler "Baby B." was running around having a great time throwing leaves at mom and her partner. I did make them do some poses but it resulted in genuine laughter and wow was the lighting on point that evening. The orange leaves and the setting sun made for an incredible background. J.'s toddler son got to watch the group of jugglers and get chased and carried by his parents. It was a very fun session and I feel so thankful I got to observe a little piece of their life and enjoy a beautiful evening at Cheeseman Park in Denver. If you are one of those people who would describe themselves as "awkward in front of the camera" I hope to prove you wrong or at least show you your inner beauty. I will take hundreds of photos during your session and be sure to capture movement, moments and relationships that reflect your family's love at whatever stage you are at.

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