Yoga on the Rocks Documentary Session

Yoga on the Rocks documentary session Keiko Matsuno Photography

This summer I got to document an amazing event called Yoga on the Rocks. It happens every summer at Red Rocks and if you haven't been, let me tell you it is an amazing experience. You do have to be up there before 7am but it is worth it. The sun had just risen and there were thousands of yogis ready to start their day feeling connected and energized in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado- Red Rocks Amphitheater. I was there to focus on one of the instructors from Core Power Yoga- Kacey Kingry. She had bright pink hair and a captivating smile. She and her partner did an amazing job leading the large group. She had a large group of family and friends there to support her and afterwards they had a celebration to honor her accomplishment at their beautiful mountain home. I definitely caught the positive energy that was being spread that day. Yoga can be powerful doing it alone or in a small group but it is even more powerful in a large group setting. There is something about being in a space with thousands of people doing the same thing- you feel connected to all of them- you feel part of something big which in turn makes you feel connected to the whole world and everything around you. Not to mention being outside just adds that element of nature. I was so happy to spend my morning documenting Yoga on the Rocks and their more personal after party. I hope she has some powerful images to use on her own website and social media as well as images that tell her story and memories of this amazing day with yoga enthusiasts, friends and family. Whatever your event entails I would be thrilled to document your art, your passion, your brand, your celebration in a documentary photography session. Read about my documentary family photography sessions here.

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