Pride Walk Off at Buffalo Exchange

When my coworker Josh (aka Otterj) asked me to take photos for the Pride Walk Off I was thrilled. As a resident of the South Broadway neighborhood it was so amazing to see that so many people supported the LGBT community and that we would have permanent rainbow crosswalks. People of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and genders were there. The energy was pure fun and love. Several cars honked in support as they passed by. The Colorado Cheer squad was throwing themselves into the air and flipping across each color of the rainbow. Friends were hugging and dancing. Greg "the sexy cop" was controlling the traffic and keeping everyone safe. As you can see from the photographs below, there were several participants in the crosswalk from a bride, to a demon and angel, to a man with fans and they were all brave enough to show their personalities and get a little dressed up too. I was so happy to see kids and families as well. I grew up in Laramie, Wyoming and sadly the only event I remember that involved a gay person was the murder of Matthew Shepard. Since then, I believe his death has opened many people's eyes and hearts and the Shepard Symposium is well attended but I never went to Pride as a child. Our culture just wasn't there yet. And while there is still much progress to be made, it is events such as this that move our world in the right direction. Love is something to be PROUD of and to show off no matter what your gender or sexual identity is. It makes my heart happy to see that there are families bringing their kids to these events. The girls I nanny know that it is ok to marry a boy or a girl and that it's ok for boys to paint their nails and for girls to have short hair. So many of the people I love in my life identify as LGBT and I support them so much. I support humans living their best life expressing themselves as who they want to be! Sometimes I like dressing in drag as a man. Because I usually express myself as a very feminine person, it is fun to show a different identity and take on a more masculine look and personality every once in awhile. So thank you to all the awesome people that helped make this event and thank you Josh for letting me photograph such a special moment for my proud Denver community :).

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