Ode to Molly

Molly, Molly shining bright,

Both young and old,

Both full and light.

Like a bird you soar

breathing all the world,

Like Alice in Wonderland,

you become a little girl.

Molly, Molly shining bright,

How patient you are,

Hugging kids tight.

I don't know you well,

yet you are my friend,

with an open door,

on which I can depend.

Molly, Molly shining bright,

Both young and old,

Both full and light.

Every new photographer needs a mentor and Molly is mine. When I met her, I found myself entering a big front yard with a playhouse, balls and toys strewn about, colorful prayer flags blowing and a cute cozy home at the back of the property. When I knocked on her door she greeted me with a kind smile, red hair, wooden earrings, wearing a loose T-shirt that had Asian text and a nature scene on it and sweatpants. Her house was filled with books and colorful couches and I was already in awe of her. I wanted to know more about her. She seemed like she had traveled a lot and was obviously well read. Plus she was a photographer- one of the only photographers I knew. She said she had contacted me because I had reminded her of one of her childhood friends and she liked reading my blog. She told me about how she had this idea that she wanted to take pictures of people from above at a park. She loved the bird's eye perspective. I thought this was so cool.

Photo Credit | Molly Menschel (RAW unedited)

From there she helped me with technicalities- the trick to light is to set your aperture and ISO then simply adjusts shutter speed to control the light. (Left for light on a Nikon). She was my second shooter for two weddings and I couldn't have done it without her! Even though she was pregnant she worked so hard because she LOVES photography and you can tell. Editing her images was so fun because I got to see the event through her eyes. She is brave and gets close and inspired me to try to do more close ups as well as get wide shots of the entire scene.

Photo Credit | Molly Menschel (RAW unedited)

Finally I was blessed with the opportunity to take a "day in the life" style shoot of her and her kids. She is a hardworking mom- she kept yawning the whole time :) but that didn't stop her from interacting with her kids and cutting up oranges for Eloise, or setting up the "pie in the face game" for Moses, or letting Julian help unload the dishwasher. She has been an amazing resource and inspiration and I would hire her any day to photograph me. She has an incredible grace and warmth and talent and I want to thank her for being my mentor! Visit her website at mollyrees.com.

Peace and Love,


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"Keiko did an awesome job with our family photos! We love them. Our photo session involved some particularly rambunctious pre-schoolers. Keiko is really good with little kids and she made our session a lot of fun for everybody. Thanks!"

- Pete

"Keiko was our wedding photographer and we were very pleased with her work. She is very talented and professional. Our wedding pictures turned out amazing. Thank you Keiko!" - Sarune

"Keiko was patient and professional with my family. I have 3 boys ages 6, 2, and 11 months, our pictures came out AMAZING, she captured great candid shots! It is very apparent that she has experience with kids. So much better than I had envisioned. I highly recommend working with Keiko." - Lesley

"Keiko has a wonderful instinct for both playful and serious compositions, I love the head shots she did for me!" - Shana



​I am a family and wedding photographer based in Denver, Colorado. I love telling stories and candid moments. I am LGBT friendly. I have a passion for all things outdoors especially running. I love bold colors, dynamic black and white, and capturing moments. Kids are my favorite subject to photograph but I also love getting creative with portraits. Photography allows me to connect to people and capture who they are as human beings. 

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