What is documentary photography? Documentary photography is a style of photography that is photojournalistic in nature and is unposed. I love this genre of photography because it is visual storytelling. In my other sessions I capture candid moments but I may pose you or change the light/environment whereas my documentary sessions are 100% unposed. I'll be a fly on the wall documenting you and your loved ones in your natural habitat. My role is observer. My talent is to use creative angles and compositions to best tell your story.


But can't I take these pictures myself? Here's the thing, even if you photograph many of these moments yourself, by being the photographer, you aren't present in the story. Your kids are going to want to see photos of YOU at this stage in your life. "Well what if my life is too boring?" you might say. To that I say: there is nothing more exciting than real life. Naps, mealtime, even tv time can make for some amazing photos. Because these are photos of YOU. These are photos of your little one that will soon grow out of naps. These are photos of applesauce all over his face. These are photos of her doing headstands on the couch while she is watching Frozen. These moments are the pieces to a puzzle called nostalgia.


Look, you and your family are going to remember the ordinary things the most, not an awkward portrait of you saying cheese in a random studio. Your son is going to remember how you tickled him everyday, and how you played with him in the sandbox. Your spouse will treasure the memories of you cooking together and dancing around the kitchen. Your daughter will want to see how magical your smile was as a young mother staring into her eyes and will be amazed at how much she looks like you did then. 


These are my favorite types of sessions because they are raw, rambunctious and real. Now only happens once. Visit my pricing page to learn more and book your documentary session now!

Dad looks at toddler with fake eye
Mom tickles toddler
Mom takes crying toddler inside
Dad lifts and kisses toddler
Mom kissing baby closeup
Toddler making a serious face
Baby looking up at mom in her lap
Dad pushing toddler in car
Mom, dad, and baby in snow
Mom playing footsie with baby
Dog licks baby and mom laughs
Dad makes face at baby with mom
Sleeping baby
Mom puts hair in baby's face
Man shooting nerf gun
Young family playing with nerf guns
Little girl wearing goggles
Little girl eats cereal on carpet
Mom shoots nerf gun with family
Little girl hands give lizard to dad
Mom fingers young daughter's hair
Mom yawns while playing "Pie Face"
Mom hugs toddler and young daughter
Mom laughing with toddler
Young brothers look at each other
Little girl rolling on carpet